Travelling around Australia in a motorhome. A story of our travels starting from NSW then through Queensland, across to Northern Territory and Western Australia, then to South Australia, Victoria and finally across the seas to Tasmania. We have enjoyed everywhere we have visited and look forward to setting off again in our motorhome.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Longford 30 November – 1 December 2007

Longford 30 November – 1 December 2007
Arrived early in the town and were thrilled to get one of the best sites at a beautiful campground, overlooking the Macquarie River. The ducks greeted us rather too warmly and the decision to eat outside needed to be revised. Whenever we thought of food they turned up! ESP! Spooky!
The locals encouraged us to visit the local bowling club for happy hours. Yes! HOURS! Like the pub in Launceston, we were welcomed like long lost relatives, introduced to everyone and to our surprise a free dinner in a bowl was delivered to all!
The highlight of the night was winning the Xmas ham and yet again Peter was called upon to draw more tickets! It seems a little strange that they like strangers this much!
We discussed that the Tassie population is an aging one and how all the grandchildren have gone to the “other-side” (the other-side refers to mainland!)
We also learnt to say BITumen rather than BITCHumen!
The river where we are camped is green and fresh and running very quickly. The speed of the water is invigorating after the sluggish rivers of NSW!
We took a day drive to “Entally House” at Hadspen and on to Carrick. Entally House was interesting but not as inspiring as the others because the contents were impersonal as they were all recently purchased, with only one item belonging to the family. The gardens were wonderful and full of roses, delphiniums and lupins.


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