Travelling around Australia in a motorhome. A story of our travels starting from NSW then through Queensland, across to Northern Territory and Western Australia, then to South Australia, Victoria and finally across the seas to Tasmania. We have enjoyed everywhere we have visited and look forward to setting off again in our motorhome.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Latrobe 21 November 2007

Left in the morning and drove a whole 10km to Latrobe, a pretty little village, where we spent the day!
We had intended to keep heading towards Exeter; however we had such a great time we decided to stay the night just behind the main street in a large paddock overlooking lush green paddocks. We stumbled across the most amazing shop which, Tardis-like, kept on growing and we soon became lost in the multiple of fantasy rooms full of character dolls and amazing toys. It’s a shop that could be on a travel show. They told us that they don’t advertise and rely on word of mouth. SO! We are telling you – go see a shop where they meet you at the door with a map and a chocolate!
Drove down the creek to catch some platypi – alas we didn’t see SES mascot Paddy - but we did see a number of the shy platypi diving for food. A fisherman explained what to look out for and, sure enough, we found them. The magic was the trail of bubbles after their dive indicating the next emergence. They have a lovely dipping dive to finish off their little surface swim. The Tassie ones are very small. We think they might be half the size of mainland ones???


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