Travelling around Australia in a motorhome. A story of our travels starting from NSW then through Queensland, across to Northern Territory and Western Australia, then to South Australia, Victoria and finally across the seas to Tasmania. We have enjoyed everywhere we have visited and look forward to setting off again in our motorhome.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Busselton 30 November – 5 December 2006

Up early to go to town to see the dolphins with the other tourists at the appointed spot, and guess what? They did not turn up! We left feeling very smug about seeing them the day before! The wind seemed wild as we travelled along the coast. Stopped and bought fruit from the back of a truck where quite a lot of people had stopped and we bought the best apricots and cherries we have had in years, at half the normal price. Moved on to Busselton which is also another attractive town with a wonderful 2km historic jetty that seems to be the main feature in the town. Enjoyed a good look around Busselton after arranging to stay with Neil and Marie. We camped next to them in Broome, sharing a few happy hours. They look after a waterside camp just outside of Busselton in a unique situation. About 40 years ago a farmer donated all his water front land to the state to control for charity/ church groups. Considering we are within walking distance of Alan Bonds old haunt on the water, and all the major controversy currently in the WA Court about this area, you can’t imagine how it will survive like this. There are about 12 camps in this most unusual situation along a strip of coastal land about 30 km long that is sheltered from the constant westerly winds making a bay like a Qld island with those beautiful blue water colours.
On Sunday the weather was sunny and warm again so we went to catch up with the Busselton Iron Man race. This is a big event for Busselton and attracts athletes from around the world. It was exhausting to watch!
After lunch we explored the surrounding area in the car and found a boutique brewery with relaxing music sung by three young singer/songwriters. Daylight saving started on Sunday so it seemed we had lots more hours left to continue to explore. Found a reserve called Canal Rocks, which as the name implies is a series of granite formations that have been eroded along fault lines to create (yes you have guessed it) canals. In contrast to the mild conditions at our camp, the wind was roaring and made it difficult to stand! Observed the new development, (plonked right in the middle of the national park on the waters edge near the canal rocks) that has Ex-premier Bourke in deep doo doo at the moment! We topped off the day with a visit to the Cave House, reminiscent of the hotel at Jenolan Caves. Lovely drive home passing through Dunsborough and yet MORE major development!
The next day was very cold- yes it is December – and we rugged up and had a look at a great local museum. They were selling two old irons for $5 each, so guess who bought them! The nights go down to 10 deg and we use BLANKETS!
Very cold night followed by a lovely sunny day. Seems to alternate! So out walking along the waters edge here for a very long walk. Absolutely gorgeous and the water seems warm, although the day will have to be warmer before we get in! We have been warned that they have stingers here after Xmas that spoils everything! They sound like bluebottles, except they are opaque and harder to avoid! Seems like there is no perfect paradise! We’ll just travel around enjoying all the best bits! Kiama still seems like a special place!


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