Travelling around Australia in a motorhome. A story of our travels starting from NSW then through Queensland, across to Northern Territory and Western Australia, then to South Australia, Victoria and finally across the seas to Tasmania. We have enjoyed everywhere we have visited and look forward to setting off again in our motorhome.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Perth (Oakford) 23 -26 November 2006

Up early again. The morning feels warm! Headed south of Perth on our way to the southern part of WA. We thought we would respond to an entry on the CMCA site where a couple (Kerry and Rod) invite a limited number of members to stay on their acreage, half hour south of Perth, so we arrived about 10:30 and found everything to be wonderful. Only two motorhomes at a time and a lovely spot under the trees. To top it off the surprise was that they run a small business at home consisting of a bush lunch and Aussie poetry readings. We joined in and were thrilled with their readings, both traditional and humorous. Clancy of the Overflow was Peter’s request that they did superbly. The couple, Kerry and Rod, do lots of festivals and have won a few major competitions. Spent the rest of the afternoon visiting the closest town with a Laundromat and doing a small spot of shopping. It had a very run-down Mt Druitt feel and not a bit like the Perth we expected.
Decided to go to the Antique and Craft Fair in Perth the next day, which meant that we would go into Perth! Easy run on the highways in and skirted around the waters edge past Kings Park to the Showground. Had a great time looking at over 90 stalls of antiques. After lunch we enjoyed the craft section and caught up with Ian and Margaret, who were as busy as every demonstrating the Beeswax painting to a big crowd. Arranged to meet them after the close in Fremantle for tea. We left early and explored a little of ‘Freo’. Found the markets and checked out places to eat. Fremantle is a really cute town with the feel of an old city port. The buildings are attractive and the streets were lively. We were absolutely thrilled to bump into Alamo and Moema, the Swiss bicyclists, whilst in the fruit market. We exchanged hugs and a short version of our travels as they had to dash for the bus. They are off to Rottnest Island for two days but then they are travelling south. We may catch them again down there! Funny how the warmth of strangers seeps in! We met Ian and Margaret for an enjoyable meal in the mall with the Friday night crowds! Said our goodbyes again but have a funny feeling we will see them again as well. They have gone off the idea of spending time in Kalgoorlie as the temps are around 42degs and are now thinking of Esperance where it is about 24degs.Woke up nice and early again and started to discuss plans for the day when Peter suddenly said he felt like he had a virus. Lots of others around us have had it over the last few days, so it was no surprise. He has spent a low day in bed and is slowly recovering. Luckily the day was a pleasant 25deg with a sea breeze. Only Heather has to get it next! The hand washing procedures here would suit theatre nurses in her attempt not to get it! Oh well! 24 hours and its gone!


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