Travelling around Australia in a motorhome. A story of our travels starting from NSW then through Queensland, across to Northern Territory and Western Australia, then to South Australia, Victoria and finally across the seas to Tasmania. We have enjoyed everywhere we have visited and look forward to setting off again in our motorhome.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Stanley Camp 5 October 2006

Left Broome for still more sunny days south! The weather reminds us that we have had only three days with rain since we left Kiama 6 months ago! The country appears flat with coastal vegetation, though very much drier - hot and sunny to say the least. Stopped to help a young English couple on road in old ford van with a ‘split’ in their radiator hose, however sadly for them it was shattered beyond help. It reminded us that this area is remote as they were half way to nowhere (still 2,000km from Perth). We helped a bit with encouragement and saw a truck pull up, so hopefully they got a lift to Broome 200k away. It would be nice to think that was all that was wrong but we doubted it and wondered if this would be the end of their adventures - so glad we have a reliable vehicle. Found a bush stop with a few others and enjoyed a lovely bush camp with the perfect sunset, a cooler night, a wood bbq and lots of birds. Met a Swiss couple that we passed earlier on the road riding from Darwin to Perth. Much admiration for such a feat. Seems quite a few Europeans do it.


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